Meet Cheer Avenue’s production team

This month is all about our team! We're introducing the faces behind Cheer Avenue's production team. Without further do, here's the wonderful ladies that take care of all your creative needs at Cheer Avenue's brand new manufacture!


Sarah-Maude, assistant and designer

Sarah-Maude has been working her magic as Cheer Avenue's assistant and designer for over a year. Her role requires to respond to client requests by creating uniforms that reflect their image. She also has to place orders with suppliers to bring her ideas to life.

For Sarah-Maude, clothing design has always been a passion. She loves to draw and see her visions come to life. When creating uniforms, Sarah-Maude has to juggle with the customer demands and the current trends in the cheerleading world.

Having never been in the cheerleading industry before, her biggest challenge was to learn what was doable or not when creating uniforms. Sometimes, ideas look good on paper, but when it comes to the pattern and its making, it doesn't always work. This being said, adapting the customer's requests to doable creations, while respecting their style and their request, always remains a challenge.


Isabelle, Production Manager

Isabelle occupe le rôle de gestionnaire de la production chez Cheer Avenue depuis déjà 2 ans. Elle s’assure du bon roulement de la production et de tout ce qui touche à la fabrication d’un uniforme de cheerlecheerleading uniform. She is in charge of creating the pattern, embroidering, setting the stones, making the uniforms, quality control, ironing, and finally, packing the uniforms for shipping.

With each day being different, she loves how dynamic her role is. In fact, each cheerleading team has a unique uniform and it is always a surprise to discover the next project that awaits her.

Isabelle's biggest challenge is coordinating her tasks with the seamstresses. She has to provide them with uninterrupted work while making sure to finalize her own tasks. This way, everything is ready for shipping at the same time. 


Jessica, seamstress

Jessica has been a seamstress for the company for about a year. She is in charge of the assembly of the uniforms, which is the stage of the production where the uniforms come to life.

For Jessica, working on different projects every day is a real passion. She enjoys working with different techniques and breakingdown a garment to follow the different stages of assembly.

During the lockdown, Cheer Avenue had to reinvent itself to keep its production team active. The team worked on equestrian clothing, men's clothing, women's satin pajamas and even swimwear! Adjusting to these new sewing techniques and working with new equipment was a challenge forJessica, but she is proud of the work she accomplished during this period!


Lucie, seamstress

Lucie is Cheer Avenue's second seamstress. She has been working for the company for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience. Like Jessica, she is in charge of assembling the uniforms.

What she loves most about her job is the versatility of her work. She loves to push herself to the limit when making each new uniform design and then seeing the final product.

Adjusting to sewing new types of clothing has also been a challenge for Lucie over the past year. When the Cheer Avenue team received their very first uniform contract since March 2020, the team couldn't be more thrilled! One thing is for sure, cheerleading uniforms production are a unanimous preference within the team!


Mélanie Blanchette, owner and general manager

Mélanie has been designing cheerleading uniforms for almost 20 years. She combined her passion for clothing with her passion for cheerleading and made it her career.  She started as an athlete in 2002 and also was a coach for over 10 years.

Melanie loves her job because she is fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.  Her job gives her the opportunity to touch on every aspect of the production process and her days are never routine.  Duringher career, she has had to face many challenges, but according to her, this is what makes the job dynamic and exciting.  She is proud of her team and so far, there is not a challenge the team hasn't been able to solve!


A huge thank you to all the coaches and athletes who trust our production team in creating their practice wear and uniforms. Our team couldn't be more excited to see you shine again this competition season!

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